10 Beginner 4WD Tracks In Victoria That Are Worth A Trip

10 Beginner 4WD Tracks In Victoria That Are Worth A Trip

We found a great website today. We will provide a link at the end of this post. The site lists 10 great Victorian 4WD tracks that have something for everyone with tracks suitable for beginners and those with a medium level of experience.

For example, they recommend the Toolangi State Forest for both it’s breathtaking views and a wide range of tracks. If your looking for mud, you will definitely find it at Toolangi in the winter months.

Tallarook also has a wide variety of tracks and includes some steep hills and rocks for those that want a bit more adventure. There are also some great camping spots along the way

They say that the 4WD track at Aberfeldy is one of the greatest tracks in Victoria. You will get some challenging tracks while also checking out some amazing views. The Aberfeldy track was originally established in the 1800’s and was used by Gold Miners looking to strike it rich. You will find historic sites along the way including old mines and cemeteries.

Bunyip State park is another area with a great variety of tracks ranging from Easy to Advanced with over 250km of tracks to explore. The more serious off-roaders will tackle the steep tracks with plenty of slippery rocks to sort the men from the boys.


And of course the Alpine national Park is should be on the list. The region includes some of Victoria’s highest mountains and some amazing alpine country that makes it an ideal 4WD holiday destination.

Check out the website here for further details.



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